I started working with Senior Transitional Services in 2008 and I love my work. I have the education and life skills necessary to manage all aspects of downsizing and relocating seniors. This is often a traumatic time of life for all concerned. At New Leaf Transitions, we are seriously committed to our clients who are often anxious and overwhelmed at the prospect of moving. Choosing a Senior Move Manager is serious.

The service we provide requires a deep level of trust, compassion and organization. We operate under a strict code of ethics. Successfully moving a loved one from a lifelong home and rooms full of memories require a unique skill. A typical call to our office is from a family member who can't take time off work or lives in another state. We want you to know, you are not alone. Rely on New Leaf Transitions, we do it all.

Professional Coordination with:

Would a client benefit from some preparation work before they list their home? Did your client sell their home and now need help with moving? New Leaf Transitions will organize and de-clutter your client's home before it goes on the market and then assist your client move once the house is sold.

Funeral Directors:
Did a loved one pass away and the family is located out of town? Will a surviving spouse be moving now? We recognize and understand the special needs of family members after the loss of a loved one.

Home Care Professionals:
Do you have a client that needs to move due to a health concerns? New Leaf Transitions can take care of all details so your staff or the family can focus on health management

Senior Living Communities:
We can create a manageable plan to take the fear out of moving. Our clients are handled with compassion, respect, and care. New Leaf Transitions appreciates your referrals to seniors and their families.

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Ingrid Heath-Russ, Owner

New Leaf Transitions
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